• System Restore FAQ

    What is System Restore?
    System Restore is a Windows feature that restores your computer's settings and system files to an earlier period.

    What is system restore NOT?
    System restore is not a backup service. It will only restore system settings and system file. It will not restore old files that you have accidentally deleted.

    When should I use system restore?
    Use system restore after you've installed a new program and driver, and it has caused your system to become unstable or stop working

    Can I use System Restore to cure a computer infected with malware/spyware?
    While System restore can sometimes be used to attempt to recover from a malware attack, you should note that many viruses and spyware now inject themselves into the system restore files, and will resurface after the system restore. So restoring is not always a good idea, and can sometimes make things even worse. If you have fallen victim to a malware attack, please visit our free malware removal forum for assistance.

    Can the System Restore be undone?
    Generally, yes. A new system restore point is created when you start the system restore process. However, if you did a system restore from safe mode, you cannot undo that.

    What does the system restore change exactly?
    It changes system files, registry settings, batch programs, scripts, and other types of executable files. It does not affect your personal files.

    Are restore points created automatically?
    Yes, restore points are created automatically every day, or before significant system changes such as the installation of a new program or driver. You can also create a system restore point manually.

    How do I choose a system restore point?
    Depending on the version of Windows, it will show you a recommended restore point as well as the option to choose from all the restore points available.

    How much Hard Drive Space does the system restore require?
    Usually you will need at least 300Mb. System restore might use up to 15 percent of your hard drive space. When the allocated space fills up, it will delete old system restore points to make way for new ones.

    I did a system restore, and it didnt fix the problem. What can I do?
    You could try a different system restore point.
    You could have a problem thats not fixable using system restore. Please visit our Techincal Support forums for free help.

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