• How to do a system restore in Windows Vista

    This tutorial will show you how to do a system restore using Windows Vista.

    A system restore is sometimes necessary to restore your computer to an earlier date where everything was working fine. For example, if you installed some software and your computer crashes all the time, you may want to do a system restore to a point where your computer was working.

    Some people try restore their systems to an earlier restore point after becoming a victim to a malware attack. This is not always recommended, as certain types of malware inject themselves into previous system restore points, and will resurface again when the system is restored. If you have fallen a victim to malware attack, please visit our free malware removal forum for assistance.

    To do a system restore in Windows Vista:
    1) Open the Start menu by clicking on the START button on the bottom left corner. The START button looks like this:

    2) Click on ALL PROGRAMS

    3) Go to ACCESSORIES

    4) Go to SYSTEM TOOLS


    Windows Vista will now present you with 2 options, one for a recommended system restore point, and another one to select the restore point.

    If you can remember when was the last time your computer worked, select that option and proceed to choose a restore point. Or you can stay with the recommended restore point if that was when your computer last worked properly

    You will then select the drive on which your Windows Vista is installed on, and click on FINISH to initate the system restore process.

    As always, feel free to comment or ask questions, and visit our free Technical Support Forums for additional help.
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