• You have reached your daily answering limit. Please come back tomorrow, Yahoo Answers

    If you are an active member of the Yahoo answers community, and have attained a high level and a high score in the community by helping others with their questions, you might be surprised to have run into this error message in the last couple of days:

    The error message above says, "You have reached your daily answering limit. Please come back tomorrow". The answers box is surrounded by a thin red border, and it is disabled, so you cannot type anything in it.

    Our help desk has received numerous support inquiries regarding this. Since a high rank in Yahoo answers is supposed to mean that you can answer unlimited questions, no? Even though NeedTechSupport.com is not associated in any way with Yahoo or Yahoo Answers, we decided investigate.

    One of our users sent us a screenshot of how the Yahoo Answers ranking table looked like just a few weeks ago:

    And here is the Yahoo Answers new points and levels table looks like today:

    As you can see, the number of answers you can post for level 5 (5,000 - 9,999), Level 6 (10,000 - 24,999) and Level 7 (25,000 and up) has been changed from unlimited to 80. Same goes to the number of questions you can post, which has been reduced from unlimited to 20, and the number of comments you can post, changed from unlimited to 40.

    In fact, the only difference between being level 4 to being levels 5, 6 and 7 is the number of votes you can cast, which has been increased to 200 for level 5, and 400 for levels 6 and 7, probably in an attempt to sweeten the blow for those high levels.

    Why did they do that? In the Yahoo Answers Blog, they mention that the purpose of this change is to reduce spam, and increase the quality of the answers. They suggest that if you frequently run into those limits, you should be more selective and focus more on topics which you have more to share about.

    What do you think of this change? Feel free to leave a comment.
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